“Second Heart” Pre Release at NH Health City

Pre launch by Prof. (Dr.) Ashley D’Cruz,Director Transplant Services and Head of Dept. Paediatric Surgery, Narayana Health and Prof. (Dr.) Llyod Vincent, Director Clinical Dialysis Services and Senior Consultant Nephrologist, Narayana Health

Authors thank the Marketing dept of Narayana Health City, Sachin K (Aarvind India), Jyothi G, Parul Thakur, Raghunath Babu Are, Sujeeth Kumar, Ruchita Shah, Teena Shah, Subhashis Panda, Suchita Khanna, Sachin Kodagali, family, friends, well wishers and students.

The book will be launched shortly!

Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero

‘Weddings have logic, but Marriages have only emotions’

Episode 1: Lonely Animal

Episode 2: 30 Plus

Episode 3: Two Different People

 Episode 4: Can Money Buy Happiness?

 Episode 5: Desire and Intimacy

Episode 6: Never Ending Conflicts

Episode 7: Single Mother

Episode 8: My Hero Husband

Episode 9: Found Joy

Episode 10: Host a Guest or Ghost?

Episode 11: Listen, Forgive and Forget

Episode 12: Wedding or Marriage?

Episode 13: Busy Bride or Beloved Bride?

Episode 14: My Husband’s Mother

Now available at http://www.a4dable.in and Higginbothams, M.G. Road, Bengaluru