1st Anniversary of Adhuri Prem Kahanyia

adhuri prem kahaniya final

Adhuri Prem Kahaniya completes one year of journey – some loved it, and others hated it! The book was written keeping an objective in mind. I’m sorry incase it disappointed you and thank you incase you were connected. The critics review has helped to better my writing and its visible for the book ‘Second Heart’, ‘Get a Job WITHOUT an Interview-Google & Beyond!’, and pre-order of ‘Surrogate Author’ has been overwhelming. There is another book (title is undisclosed at moment) with authors as Santosh, Kundan and Raghunath has received promising reviews from Film makers, Journalists, Academicians, Political Members, Singers and others. I would like to thank all for being part of this journey. 

God bless,


The book is available at Infibeam, Flipkart, Purushottam, Crossword 

Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero Review by Ashar Neyaz

Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero

Dear Wife, Your Husband is not a Superhero

The very first thing that touched me while reading the book was the line in page 46, “Don’t compare your love story to those you watch in movies. Scriptwriter writes them, God writes yours.” The issues were beautifully put into the book from petty to the major ones. The whole point of the book is make aware of the ego problem which exists in the hearts of humans leading to death of a relationship and birth of arrogance. Must read for couples, soon-to-be couples, as it will help realizing the problems and burgeon the belief in love.

The book is available at Amazon

Second Hear Review by Ashar Neyaz

Second Heart

Second Heart

Second heart not only picturized the amazing details, ignorance of diseases but also the love which a person has for other human being. “Kabhi kabhi takleef insaan ko kareeb le aati hai and insaan ko pata bhi nahi chalta ki kab pyaar ki khushboo unko kahan kheench le jaati hai.” It’s a go to book for everyone who at some point of life starts ignoring the nascent stage of the problem and find themselves in an inescapable situation.

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A friend SMS

Second Heart

Second Heart

Good morning! Sorry to disturb in the early hours. ‘Second Heart’ has made me realise to take care of organ that is often not thought. Thanks for giving this book and creating an awareness to take care of health, and remind ‘Health is wealth.’ I’m impressed by your dedication for writing these kind of awareness stories using the weapon LOVE which connects all. Especially the through doctor’s dairy at end of each stories. I hope that you become a unique writer, waiting for future writings. All the best!  - Employee at Tata Communications 


The paper back of Second Heart is available at Amazon