Employee First – Phele Aap

The common things business entrepreneurs have are the passion to grow and an inspiration to make the business big.  There is something that obstructs – ‘high performance’ and ‘showing up for work’ attitude. The curiosity leads to see that, there is a wrong working culture. There are the following things need to be asked to identify if there is a wrong working culture –

a. Is the team a winning one?

b. How open and respectful company culture?

c. Do employees feel responsible and accountable for the tasks?

d. Is the work place a fun place?

e. Does the organization offer transformation opportunities and personal growth?

The famous battles in great epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are won or lost because of people attitude. This is true to the context that, no man alone can shape the business as he or she desires. Right strategies combined with right team of people – as people are intellectual capital, they carry them to work place every day. It’s great to see business people trying to talk big of ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission’, all this achievable if it employees the right people. At times business people forget that, competitors may replicate the whole business set up but unable to replicate the people of the organization. People are value addition by providing competitive advantage and hence focus on them is vital. Many organizations have stumbled or didn’t succeed because they failed to nurture, forgot to share the success, influence and empowerment.

Let us consider an example, I personal liked the HCL Technologies (a leading IT service company) work on philosophy of ‘Employee First’. It has empowers their 70,000+ employees to create a real value for the customers. To make this happens, HCL launched many internal initiatives.  All organizations could difficult to follow similar because it’s difficult to accept each other differences and we have name calling at many a times. The one who talks a lot called as chatter box, annoyers who wait for wrong-doer, cold-hearted – the one never acknowledges the hard work.  This is attributed to own individual style, choices and ways of facing challenges. We need to ponder over again to see, why an employee stays with a company for fewer years? Why people switch job and career? There seems to be so much of cohesion at work place, why?

A growth of business can be sensed when employees feel that they have influence and their importance is recognized. They would prefer not to have a boss or manager of Just-do-it/check list school kind, have common goals, changes are accepted, promises are kept and fulfilled before the second thought, team based decision making with necessary information and communication, fair preferences with rewards and recognition, the constant quality of work-life that provides work-life balance with pride and mutual respect.

The bottom line is, ‘Never forget, the Brand Equity of any organization depends on the Brain Equity of the people’. As people have high energy level, talent, potential to imagine, bold, persistent and patient – they perhaps need to feel free with wings to fly to give in their best performance.

Stay tuned to see some interesting success bites!

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