Walt Disney – The Science of Optimistic Thinking

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We have several success stories of people came to Mumbai with mere amount and became millionaire or billionaire. All these successful people shared one common thing – a optimist attitude, unbeatable self confidence, unending belief in their passion, passion to nurture dream into reality and their futuristic attitude. Let us consider an example – A tall, thin man with heavy voice from a small town from Allahabad, Mr. Bachchan. He left his job as a freight broker in a shipping company and came to Mumbai to pursue his dreams as an actor. He was de-motivated by people criticism for his looks (especially height), he went on to become a Bollywood legend with various titles such as Big B, Shahenshah and many more.

Big B is one of the strong living examples of – Optimism, Success and Self Confidence. One need to work towards one of them and rest will follow. He being optimist saw an opportunity in every calamity; where has pessimist people see a calamity in every opportunity. Because of his futuristic attitude never bothered him from obstacles, he strived harder.  In other words, ‘Positive things happen to positive people.’

I learnt from grandfather about to look at reality, identify difficulties and hindrances, but not to get discouraged by them.  Lets us consider another example to conclude this article – Because of lack of imagination and running out of original ideas a newspaper fired Walt Disney. He started two companies and failed twice. Unfortunately he also almost lost the entire business and staffs a third time, before finally succeeding with the now famous Walt Disney Productions.

He invented Mickey Mouse, a first spoken animation movie that became sensation. Learning from his previous failures, his important decision of selling his first Mickey series was a bitter experience, but in the end it became the most valuable lesson, because it taught him to secure his company.

“It was good to experience huge failures when you are were young” – Walt

The ignorant man, without faith, the doubting, goes to destruction. The doubter has neither this world, nor yet the next, nor happiness. (4.40)

The article is from reading inspiration of author J. Joshi book.


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