Beyond the Call!

Many organisations fail before five years or earlier because, because they failed to ask and see if people are happy. Employee hardly gives times to ask, ‘What can I do for you?’ Doesn’t mean employee’s is unaware to do so? They do not do many a times because they think they already know the answer – Money!

The honest answer is most of the people do not work hard for money; rather than, they work for passion. It’s just a myth, it’s just enough to have good staff and pay them well. The passion need to be rooted in a cause, it is not just about money. There are ample attrition cases among many companies world-wide, ‘Employer simply would not follow employee for long, if he is running behind money and not chasing a big dream.

Many employee’s perhaps fail to provide deeper meaning to the life to unleash their fullest potential. People will die for meaningful cause, because of their sheer passion. I have seen this personally among many people and its true. No wonder many potential employer’s have moved to chase their dream. It’s about own attitude, crystal clear vision, setting an example by being ethical in sound decisions.

To conclude – “Remember, only when the people firmly believe in the company’s cause, they go beyond the call of the duty.”

Do you have it in you?



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