Where do Universal Concepts come from?

Anthropologist Desmond Morris went around the world to find out which body language traits are and not universal to all cultures, while researching his book ‘Manwatching.’ He found interesting observations, for example, that is someone is pounding or scowling furiously on a table, any observer, regardless of  culture, would interpret it as the expression of frustration or anger.

Some body language behaviors that are unique to a particular culture, and for someone of other culture would not readily understand them. For example, in America, if you stick your hand out your car window with your middle finger thrust out, this would mean something obscene. In another culture, this means nothing at all.

His research concluded, the traits with which all babies are born constitute universal body language concepts. For example, all babies express happiness  and sadness, pain and pleasure, and anger and affection in ways that are immediately and universally recognizable.

Athletes shows most vivid proof of success or failure identifiable body language behavior. They show all emotions with their bodies.


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