Is Handwriting Deteriorated in Our Society?

Graphology involves the study of handwriting, its future necessarily depends on the future of handwriting itself. An interest research concluded that 75 percent of high-school-age children have never developed the ability to write in a fluid, coherent, natural cursive style compared to thirty years ago in U.S.A.

Changing in examination system from decipher handwritten essays to multiple-choice tests, as it takes less time to grade. Besides, many teachers think need for skilled handwriting is being eliminated by sophisticated typewriters and word processors. Perhaps attitude toward handwriting has changed over a period of time.

Unfortunately the root is the fact that our society is fixated on the tangible – numbers and machines and things we can see and touch. Things to do with mind or emotions doesn’t seem to count for much. It is quite common that one can complete elementary, junior and high schools and earn a college degree without ever taking a course in psychology. Do you think, is it more important to learn about world war, for example, than it is to learn the psychological fact that violence begets violence.

Inspite India being one of the strong emerging technological country in the world, it also in violent crimes and murders. We have seen often that, nation is helpless when it comes to dealing with drug abuse and violence against one another. Many scientific evidence points to the profound role that the mind plays in every facets of life. To conclude, doctors are learning that many physical illnesses appear to be influenced to a great degree by our state of mind and attitudes.


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