It’s Not What You Say

Whenever we meet people for the first time, we often made quick judgments about their behaviors towards you and others such as dominance, potential, friendliness etc. Research shows that words are used for conveying information, while the body language is used to negotiating interpersonal attitudes or even perhaps as a substitute to verbal messages.

For example, It’s quite interesting to see that people copying during examinations. The hand and eye co-ordination goes so perfect during copying from other student handbook.

Birdwhistell was the first to claim that a well-trained person should be able to tell what movement a person is making by listening to their voice regardless of culture. He also learned how to tell what language a person was speaking, simply by watching their gestures.

As humans we dominated by biological rules that control our actions, reactions, body language and gestures.The thing would fascinates all is that human is rarely aware that its postures, gestures and movements can tell one story while voice may be telling another.


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