Large Size Matters – Your Writing

Let me take you back to school days, when teacher scolded or chid over hand writing. We were asked to sit next to someone with good hand writing skills. We wrote (and perhaps continue to write) large, overly large, medium, small or overly small (microscopic). Some of us always continue to write big, others write small and some others with combination,depending upon mood.

Lets look into some of the interesting meaning associated with the size of writing-

The blank paper represents the writer’s total environment, then whether a person is expansive or restrained with his writing tells whether he reaches out or pulls back from his surroundings and other people. In other words the writer is feeling socially extroverted or introverted, and the way s/he relates to the environment. It also gives the indication of concentration of a writer.

As a rule, large writers are feeling socially extroverted, expansive with their movements, and unwilling to concentrate or confine their energies to small details. The scripts are easily noticeable that attracts attention. The large letters that sprawl across the page are also showing their need for space in life. They do not wish to confine to limited territory, rather interested in their environment and in moving around in it a great deal.

A. The desire to appear big and important, to gain approval of others. Perhaps wanting to distinguish themselves from the masses, they make themselves bigger than life around them, desiring to top in accomplishment.
B. Some are flamboyant people who lean towards the lavish, the ceremonial, the luxurious.
C. Showing off – The need to show off, those who ‘bloat that others may take note’ are usually fancy dressers who gestures broadly, take big steps, talk loudly, and seem to brust forth upon the scene. They just want to be noticed!

We hope you enjoyed this article, stay tuned to know about Medium-Sized Writing and Small Sized Writing secrets! We welcome your comments and feedback. Have a great evening!


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