Know Yourself – Medium and Small Sized Writing

We thank you for the huge response for the previous article. You read about Large writing, lets look at people with Medium and Small-Sized Writing.

Medium-Sized Writing
If a writing is neither big or small, that is medium size – the person is normally social and who has an average ability to concentrate. It might be a rule and not the exception. Most people do write with average size most of the time, varying only at moments of great mood shifts.

Small Writing
If a writing is small (not the microscopy one’s) often means introversion. In order to produce small writing, one has to confine the movements of your hand and fingers to a limited area. People with small writing are likely to direct one’s interest upon oneself rather than on external objects, events, or people. In other words, ‘island unto himself.’

To give you an example, Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi was made out to be a politician, spending a great deal of time before the masses. But if you look into his autobiography, it is interesting to find out that he was a loner, and he spent most of his time hour upon hour alone in meditation.

Somewhere between 5 to 10 percent of people whose writing is perpetually small feel small in importance. It is likely that, they see themselves as inferior and indicate their shrunken self-esteem. About 1 percent of people who perpetually write small are doing to save paper. These writers are usually compulsively economical in all facets of their life.


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