‘Top Ten’ Most Spoken Languages In The World

Languages connects people and hence language form the most important function of the human body. Like me, many of us have get connected (acceptance) to people, literature, music and films because of same language spoken. This list reveal in the order of least to most spoken, summarizing the most important languages are in use today.

Ten: French
I personally admire this language and it is often called as the most romantic language in the world. It is widely spoken in Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, Rwanda, France and Haiti and many others. We perhaps need to thank this language as we French Fries, French Toast, French Kiss rather than Dutch Fries, Dutch Toast and Dutch Kiss!!!

‘Hello’ in French is ‘Bonjour’

Number of Speaker: Approx 130 million

Nine: Malay-Indonesia

Malay-Indonesian is spoken widely in Malaysia and Indonesia. There are perhaps many dialects of Malay and the most popular one is Indonesian (same root languages). The nation is sixth most populated country in the world with 13,000 islands.

‘Hello’ in Indonesian is ‘Selamat pagi’

Number of Speaker: Approx 160 million

Eight: Portugal

Thanks to early independence of Portugal from Spain in 12th Century and its expansion across the world because of their famous explorer vasco da Gama and Prince Henry the Navigator. It is widely spoken in Brazil (National Language), Macau, Angola, Veneuela and others.

‘Hello’ in portuguese us ‘Bom dia’

Number of Speakers: Approx 191 million

Seven: Bengali

Bangladesh, a country with more than 120 million people where everybody speaks Bengali and its surrounded by India, the number of Bengali speakers in the world is probably much higher than most people would think.

‘Hello’ in Bengali is ‘Ei Je’

Number of Speaker: Approx 210 million

Six: Arabic

The World’s oldest language and spoken in the Middle East such as kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. It is also the language of Koran, millions of Muslims in other countries speak Arabic. It is also sixth official language of the UN.

‘Hello’ in Arabic is ‘Al salaam a’alaykum’

Number of Speaker: Approx 245 million

Five: Russian

This is one of the six languages in the UN, Russian is spoken in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the U.S.

‘Hello’ in Russia is ‘Zdravstvuite’

Number of Speaker: Approx 275 million

Four: Spanish

One of the languages learn language in west high school students, it spoken widely in South and central America country, Spain, Cuba and the U.S.

‘Hello’ in Spain is ‘Hola’

Number of Speaker: Approx 390 million

Three: Hindustani (Hindi)

This is primary language of Indian’s and there are large number of dialects (among them Hindi is commonly spoken). Britishers have left greater impact of English, preventing Hindustani from surpassing the most popular language in the world.

‘Hello’ in Hindi is ‘Namaste’

Number of Speaker: Approx 500 million

Two: English

There may not be many speakers, it has become an official language of more countries. The speakers are found across the globe including Canada, the U.S., New Zealand,Australia, Hong Kong and others.

‘Hello’ in English is ‘What’s up, freak’

Number of Speaker: Approx 520 million

One: Mandarin

The most populated country, China on the planet is where Mandarin is spoken, perhaps a tough one to learn, because each word can be pronounced in four different tones and often confusing to understand. You can perhaps learn if so many could speak!

‘Hello’ in Mandarin is ‘Ni hao’

Number of Speaker: Greater than 1 Billion

Note: Pics taken (apart from English) from bing.com
The article is inspired from one of the contributor F Jamie.


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