World’s Worst Handshakes

Many of us come across and felt when someone didn’t give a heartily handshake. Lets look into some of mist annoying and disliked handshakes and their variations.

One: The Wet Fish (Rating – 1 out of 10)
The Wet Fish (something like cold or clammy hands) is uninviting, the kind of soft, placid feel is universally unpopular – this is indication of weak character (lack of commitment), mainly because of the ease with which the palm can be turned over. Nevertheless this handshake can be seen offensive in some cultural (some Asian and African cultures) or health issues (hyperhydrosis – chronic sweating). It is advisable to carry tissues or a handkerchief for mop-up strategies before any about of handshaking.

Two: The Vice (Rating 4 out of 10)
This is quite popular among men in business and it reveals a desire to dominate and assume early control of the relationship. Interestingly the palm is presented in the downward position with one sharp downward pump with strokes and a grip that can even stop blood flow to the hand. This indicated the person feels weak (inferior) and fear of dominance by others.

Three: The Bone-Crusher (Rating – 0 out of 10)
The most dreadful among all the handshakes, it leaves an indelible memory on the recipient’s mind and fingers and impresses no one other than the initiator. This indicates the person is overly aggressive, likes to demoralize the opponent by grinding his knuckles to smooth paste. It’s safe to avoid wearing ring on right hand in business encounters as the Bone-Crusher can be a blood sucker. Unfortunately there are no effective ways to counter it, one possibility of bringing attention about the hurt could help not to repeat.

Four: The Finger-Tip Grab (Rating 2 out of 10)
This is commonly seen in male-female greetings, the user mistakenly grabs the other person’s fingers, this indicates the user lacks confidence in himself. The best way is to keep the receiver at a comfortable distance (personal space differences).You may need to request or ask for with a smile, ‘let’s try hand-shake again!’ and shake hands equally.

Five: The Stiff-Arm Thrust (Rating – 3 out of 10)
This is like Palm-Down Thrust, the Stiff-Arm Thrust tends to be used by aggressive one’s, the purpose is to keep distance and away from their personal space. It is interesting to observe that people will lean forward or try to balance on one foot to keep their distance while giving handshake.

Six: The Socket-Wrencher (Rating – 3 out of 10)
This involves forcefully gripping the receiver’s outstretched palm, then simultaneously applying a sharp reverse thrust, attempting to drag the receiver into the initiator’s territory.
This has three possibilities – there is insecurity and feels safe only within his own personal space or the person is from a culture that has smaller space needs, or the person likes to control. in anyways, the initiator wants to control the receiver on his own terms.

Seven: The Pump Handle (Rating – 4 out of 10)
This is observed among strong rural overtones, there are series of vertical strokes. It looks interesting to see as if someone is drawing water the ground-water.

Eight: The Dutch Treat (Rating – 2 out of 10)
This originated from the one of the beautiful country ‘The Nethherlands’, where a person can be accused of ‘Geeft’n hand als bosje worteljes’ meaning – Giving a handshake like a bunch of carrots. It is like distant relative of Wet Fish, fortunately stiffer and less clammy to touch.


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