Universal Truth: People are Lazy

We can admit that we are lazy and it’s universal truth. It’s one of the features of us, not a bug. My one of friend says, ‘I am conversing energy for a bad situation or much needed priority at times.’ Why does anyone need to converse energy? Unless a Reference Level (a minimum or maximum) is violated, people generally conserve energy by not acting on the situation. While I was at Holland (The Netherlands), my roommate and I shared different standards of cleanliness of house. To him dirtiness in the house is not fine and whereas for me dirty dishes in the sink is a problem. In my mind any dishes at all is “out of control,” and I washed them the moment any dish is seen (action). For my friend, the situation wasn’t out of control until the sink is overflowing, at which point he’ll expend some energy washing dishes. We get to see different actions for different reference levels.
This applies same for our health aspects (exercises and diet), social circle (social skills expansion) and money. I wondered at times, why people stayed in dead-end jobs for decades. The job wasn’t lucrative, little or no motivation and hardly any increments in position. After interviewing 1000 people it was found that, the work was just okay to be there, the employer took care of paying off some basic needs, the job was less stressful or frustrating, hardly violated the Reference level, in such case people didn’t take risk of changing job or promotions or start a new business.

A good example of need for new reference level is – Running a mile in under four minutes was considered beyond the limitations until Roger Bannister did it in 1954. By end of 1957, sixteen runners had accomplished the feat. This is one of the good examples to show that the only thing changed was the reference level. All we need to know is that something we want is possible, and we will find a way to get it to accomplish.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article; we welcome your views and comments. Have a great weekend!


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