Change Reference Levels: Conflict

Have you observed that we all have a favorite character flaw: procrastination? We all procrastinate to a certain degree because of too many things to do or putting off tasks for later (not urgency). It’s quite true that one will focus on present need rather than the future one, right?

We are also aware of the fact that at times we have time to get something done in advance,because we just feel like not doing it right now. There is an inner call for asking us to do part now and part not. If inner call forces to work, you would feel distracted that not much gets done. On the contrary, part of you feels bad that you are not working, which also means you are not really resting.

It’s funnier to see that the entire day pass where you neither really work nor really rest, just feel exhausted from the effort of getting nothing done. Why does this happen?

This is can be termed as conflicts, this is commonly seen when two systems try to change the same perception. When you are procrastinating, one of your brain’s subsystem is trying to control that likes to getting things done, while another is trying to control getting enough rest.

This is similarly observed in a heater and an air conditioner. This is nothing but an inner conflicts, but this can also be observed among people as well. Think of two boys fighting over the same girl friend. As long as one boy has the girl friend, the other will be upset. A girl decision can also upset both the boys at times. Similar things are seen at corporate and corporate politics at its best.

The fact is that we can’t control the actions of another human being, only few things can be tried are influence, persuade, negotiate or inspire – change the reference levels.


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