I Need Love and Caring Person In My Life

Did you ever ask this to yourself or someone that, s/he is not friendly, the person meets or talks to you for just materialist need? This is quite often seen, heard or experienced in personal life. I did some research on this area and found good amount of information.

Have you ever realized that when you walk through busy places such as Times Square in London or New York or tourist places, you will feel that most of people are moving towards you, I am a object? All people seems running over you.

In the similar way, any person (how ever intelligent) has an upper bound on the amount of information to process, store and respond to. Over and above this, it might get stored as abstract. To explain this, one can keep track of stable social relationships around 150 close personal connections, also known as Dunbar’s number (Robin D, British Anthropologist). It is seen that beyond this number, one treats other as more like objects. This also explains why you are not in touch with many school or college mates during professional life – because you are too busy maintaining ties to people who are in your immediate social circle compared to past.

This hypothesis can be explained further with example of various earth quakes that take place unfortunately often in Japan. When ever such a disaster takes place, we may feel bad, but we may not feel as bad as if disaster strike to our loved ones.

It is estimated that over 364,000 people pass through Time Square New York every day, it certainly difficult for human mind to hand such a large information at once. Because of so much goes on in those busy area, that you are treated as object inspite knowing that you are a human being. Perhaps we all try to simplify the reality to compensate the overwhelmed mind. This also happens at work place, the senior management (CEO or V.P. and others) rationally expected to be responsible for hundreds to thousands of employees, shareholders (millions or so), they tend to hurt lot of employee without realizing it. Reactions of employee during layoff about the management is certain, but the CEO or Managers scope and scale of managing is too complex to handle, its quite certain that their decision are abstract instead of viscerally.

Do you think personalizing an decision and issue will help to hack this limitation?

We wish you to maintain your social circle healthy and grow this circle beyond the limits. We wish you ‘Happy Friendship Day’. We thank you all for associating with us!


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