Intuition – Is it the Missing?

I love the line from Matthew 7:7, ‘Seek, and you shall find.’ Identification of passion itself is a challenge. Have you ever wondered that during your childhood days you were interested to become a software engineer? Then you grew to see that there every household has an engineer and the universe is loaded with engineers. That’s not true and the universe is not playing any tricks on you. Engineers were always there; you perhaps didn’t notice them before. It is default that you were interested in a software engineering, it is possible that your brain filtered that option out of your awareness and you opted to be design engineer.

Similar thing can be noticed in business, when I started a Finishing School, however, my brain stopped filtering out that information because of passion, and started noticing each and every competitor that I came across. The brain gets programmed to notice that has to do everything with Finishing School in the given environment. As I discussed in one of the previous article on pattern matching by the brain, we are in constantly scanning the environment for useful information. You will need to tell your mind what you want to find, it will alert you whenever your senses notice it. You need to take few moments to consciously decide what you are interested in and what is you looking for, this will help in identifying the relevant information. Some people call this an intuition.

In my session I make people to realize the purpose of attending this session (Reading Comprehension Techniques, Aptitude, Mathematics and others) – setting expectations and providing with needed concepts and or theory and or hypothesis. This process only takes few minutes, but the impact it has be appreciable. You will need to notice important concepts; you will be work through all sessions or learning. This is achievable by allowing your brain automatically filters out unimportant things. One needs to prim mind to set Goal. Goal setting is important because it will help the mind to look for things that will help you get what you want. My goal is deliver the best session always, I would like to look into many materials, get concerns and meet people to see the reactions before actually deliver. On the contrary if I have to just deliver a session for free, I would probably filter all the steps and there is no strong reason to pay attention.

Hence it is important that one takes time to prime the brain to give priority on what’s important and unimportant.

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