Gangs of College Days – Dynamics

Let me take you back to your first day of school or college, you discovered each other earlier than expected, hostilities started immediately. As soon as you found that your friend liked other friend or close to other group circle, your group rallied together in preparation and defense. Perhaps it is human naturally tend to form distinct groups, a process called ‘Clanning.’ Your group perhaps had names like ‘Royal Mech’ or something like that. You and your group also created an image of themselves as bad or good guys or anger young boys or angels of so and so.

There is absolute nothing wrong with clanning, but it leads to provocations, stealing, and disaster for working together. One need’s to work a way to resolve the conflicts. One possible good way to introduce challenges and goals that required both groups to work together, this will help to subsidies conflicts.

Clanning is natural human tendency; we automatically and profoundly influenced because of similar interest people around us. Its default that we start identifying ourselves as part of particular group and distinguish from others, this is also a reason why many issues remained unsolved, for example partition of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.).

Think of India and Pakistan cricket fans. The players, team coaches and fans change so often it’s difficult to gaze what exactly the fans are cheering for – fans life might remain unchanged if some other country win or lose. While that might not be the case for Indian or Pakistani fans if the match is between these countries. If one of the countries wins, the fans feel like winners too. If you look at this situation from a distance or from non-attached background, it’s absolutely silly. Groups naturally form around important positions, issues, or events. It is greater uphill tasks to understand group dynamic, or you are likely to be caught up in it.

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