Bystander Effect

Growing up, I remember one of my family members was in RSS and NCC. These bodies have some goals and covers overall development which includes first aids, emergency management to handle uncertain situations. It taught them to take responsibility unless an experienced professional came for rescue, direct the needs to individuals very clearly at a time.

If you see fatal accidents in a crowded street and you yell, someone call 100, it’s likely that no one will actually call, this is because the more the people around you, it’s more likely everyone will assume that someone else is taking the needed action. It would be effective to single out to someone with eye contact and request clearly ‘You call 100’. S/he will.

The relationship between the number of people who could take action and the number of people who actually take action or choose to take act, this implies that the less the people around the quicker the act about the situation. This is true in many gruel some murders across the streets across the globe. People could clearly see what was going on simply walked by the incident.

This also speaks why many committees formed failed many a times. This is true if one has no power over one another. This is possible until and unless one breaks this thought, takes a step up and takes individual responsibility to act and holds accountable for progress. Unfortunate part of committee is that everyone assumes someone else is working on it. This has to overcome by assign tasks to single, clear owners and deadlines. Once individual knows the exact responsibility for and when it must be done, the success rate is higher.

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