Team or Individual: The ‘D Question’

One of the common question asked in recruitment is, Do you like to work with others or individual? The idea of working with others, why to work with others? Working with others also means to try to control them and get them to do exactly what you want them to do. The concept popularly known as Comparative Advantage mentioned in Dismal Science of economics. It also provided an answer to question of international politics on self sufficient versus specializing in producing certain goods, then trade with one another?

Using The Netherlands and Denmark as examples, if it seen that both countries were capable of producing potatoes and milk, The Netherlands could produce potatoes with less effort, and Denmark was much better at producing milk. This is a good example of trading with each other rather than struggling to do something they weren’t good at. It’s all to do with capitalize on your strengthens than to meddle with weaknesses.

This concept also make sense of working with contractors or to outsource rather try to do everything yourself, it will keep you focused. Doing it yourself is no harm, but it will probably take longer and the results may not be promising one. This concept also explains the need of diverse teams, as it is highly unlikely the team will get stuck or make errors.

Nevertheless self reliance will improves your knowledge and flexibility over time, but too much of it is a mistake. As a saying goes “No man is an island” John Donne. Focus on your strength what you can do well, and work with diverse background people to accomplish the rest.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, we welcome your views and suggestion. Happy festive season!

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