I Am Rich!

A branded expensive ‘Titanic Watches’ (costing $152,435) doesn’t tell any better time than Titan. Is that’s the point? Perhaps no! Why do people expend huge amounts of money and energy on buying branded ones.This is done to send the societal signals, its the benefit driven rather than function driven. It is believed that the person is more likely to influence others by increasing his or her social status or affiliation.People may not be stylish in life (ugly by aesthetic measure), they wear them to affiliate (students wear T-shirts at other well known college fest).

These identity statement have little or nothing to do with the reality of what the signal is supposed to communicate. If we look into the lives and habits of millionare, they perhaps live in a modest house, eat simple food, inexpensive clothing and at times use used cars. In other word, the wealth is built a lot without spending it. To the contrast people wanting to send societal signals spend their money on items that communicate wealth and status. It is likely that these kind of buying are financed with debt. It’s no doubt that, these signals have economic value. These are done to acquire, learn, bond, prove and feel – in other words they convey wealth, attractive, high status, intelligent, confident and interesting. One need to connect to these human core drives via association and this will set other people to desire your offer strongly.

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