Thinking of Thinking

We are in the age of information, this is most easier to teach and test. It did surprise me that much of our education is concerned with information. Education system perhaps neglected that ‘Thinking is no substitute for information but information may be substitute for thinking.’ If we recall we are in the process of knowledge perfection and completion, hence there is no need of further thinking. This leads to routine that require no thinking. If this happens we may be overwhelmed and confused by all the information. We are actually living for unseen future, dealing with the imperfect future needs thinking. Why does one need to think? If one stop thinking (doesn’t mean our brain stop thinking) the same available information might be better used by competitors. The impact is seen on the videocon share market in comparsion to their past market share.

Does all these mean to say one need to trade off amount of time spent on teaching information to teach thinking skills to make the best use of information.

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