Reel and Real: A Way of Thinking

I wondered as a child, why do teachers asks me to think and react on the homework and classwork? This is quite a common and practical method of teaching. It didn’t seem real to me. I do understand its not practical to a student to go out and start a business or solve a reel or real life problems. I fond it strange to react to already existing information. I wish there were more thinking problems were taught and I did see that happening at high school, college (to a higher degree) and work – the real life demands pro-active thinking. This made me and I understand to most of us, to go out and doing things. We have little information and need to find ourselves. Some of us have missed ‘Spoon feeding’, contrary growing and eat is challenging rather than just eating at a hotel.

I am not here to debate or prove the kind of thinking taught at school is wrong, but limiting that is sufficient is definitely a wrong.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, we welcome your views and suggestion. Thank you for encouragement and support!

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