illogical and logical ‘Values’

In academic set up getting the right answer is enough to score. Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to real life because values are involved. Values are part of thinking, as it involves other people. It may be illogical for one and logical for another as these values may be unacceptable or acceptable for people.

Lets consider few examples –

Widening of roads in various parts of a city. Let us look at the people and value involved.

The shop keepers will lose land are not happy.
The neighbours who are separated are not happy.
The roads closer to residence means more noise pollution and danger to children.
Those who ply on these roads will be delighted to be able to drive in more quickly and might be safer.
Dealers can seller more vehicles because of good roads.
People can sell their houses for higher price than before.

I am not saying the situation is complex but it does involve different values for different people. It might be good for one and bad for another. This boils down to two important questions –
a. What are the values involved in thinking about something?
b. Who is affected by the values?

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