Uncommon and Common: Universal Rule

Have you ever wondered many common situations, behaviors and things become uncommon at or any time. Lets look into few examples –

Death – The kind of common man death has no value in many countries.The scary moments of blasts across many countries and loss associated has become common.
Love – Today they are in love, tomorrow they hate each others.Common ‘love’ has become uncommon ‘love-hate’.
Relationship – It was commonly seen that Indian family were nuclear one’s, now they are nuclei, it was common to see big fat family and perhaps its uncommon now.
Friends – Do you recall the send-off day of school or college? People sob, make promises, take pics, fights and fight for same tiffin box and many other pranks.The common, has become uncommon.
Meetings – Perhaps you met people at a common place for all day to day work, it will perhaps not exist tomorrow. The common place of meeting will tend to become uncommon.

It is universal rule that, constant changes are important. Does it mean that common things should become uncommon?

Image taken from bing.com


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