Picture, Objective – Part 2

This continuation to the previous article Recruiter, Profile, Job – Part 1, let me brief some points on the third question before we move into fewer more questions for the second series –

Employers like likable personality, that means a personality fir for their organization (it’s depended on organization culture). Candidate is expected to have the aptitude to do job, quick learner, able to adapt fast (socialize) and it’s important to prove some kind of hands on or work experience. By doing so you are exceeding the expectation.

Q4: Do I include a picture in my profile?
It’s good to have a picture that shows your character. Images will break or give a better perception. Recruiters are serious about it, a colored picture and a happy person with no black and white styled. This will be first impression of you.

Q5: Do I have objective in my profile?
This is tricky at times. For people with experience or without – A title with problem solving headline, can go as objective. The profiles are searched with key words, companies pay premium for these searches. By just adding a role ‘Sales Executive’ or ‘Software Engineer’, how many different types of jobs that label the same? The title might be seen similar but not the role in complete, you may like to leverage on top five skills and need to check if recruiters are focusing on the same skill sets. This is necessary because of search engine experts – as any profile is filled with words, arlington technology uses those words to fasten and help the recruiters find the right profile and fair amount of right words come up to the top of the search.You may divide your speciality with the vertical line by spacing them out and it will make visually easy to read.

Stay tuned to know, how much white space do you have in your profile? How do I quantify my education and work experience? Pizza Toppings- What are profile add-on’s?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, we welcome your views and suggestion. Good day! God be with you always.


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