Psychometric and Aptitude Test – A Fast Food Method?

I see various career tests or self-assessment tests, do they really help a person to pursue a course or type of work?

There are ample number of online psychometric and aptitude tests.These tests might help one to gather more information or self-discovery.

Does this form a basis for a decision on course or career?
Are people looking for ‘quick therapy’ or ‘fast food’ for courses and career choices?
Does it mean one goes online and take the test to know about the right course or career choices?

Perhaps this is not that easy, simple according the experts.These self-discovery might provide a bird view of the bigger picture. Different experts says that reliability, validation and standardization of these tests might be one part of it and a coach is another aspect of it. According to Hansen, author of many popular books indicates that trusting one’s intuition if you find contradiction in your result support.

To open the discussion, these assessment may be used as a supplement information to explore but shouldn’t replace a coach or mentor.

Have a question about careers? Send it to our panel of experts by leaving a comment. If you need your name will be kept confidential. We wish you all a great life and a career ahead! God be with you all.

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