Come… Fall in Love ❤ in 34 minutes

Like millions of people, I love to watch Shahrukh on screen. Oct 20, 1995 DDLJ movie was released and we bunch of friends rushed to movie hall and watched, some of my friends made lot of noise and some were mesmerized at cast, songs, locations, dialogues, never ending list. It perhaps had all that ingredient to fall in love. I still remember we behaved and lived life of Shahrukh or Kajol and some Ambrish Puri or Anupam Kher.

These changes interested me to find the reasons for people falling in love. People say or think or believe that, ‘Love is blind’. After seeing some people in love, now I know – love is really blind!

According to Helen Fisher (Professor at Rutgers University, NJ) says that there are 3 stages of love –
1. Lust
2. Attraction
3. Attachement

Each of these stages are driven by different hormones and chemicals that are produced by the body. Does it mean we fall in love is of the same pattern? Does it mean someone fall in love sooner and some later? Prof. Arthur Arun (York Psychologist) has been studying why people fall in love and he came out with an interesting and simple technique to get to know the chemistry going with three easy steps –

1. Find a complete stranger
2. Reveal to each other intimate details about your lives for half an hour
3. The last step is interesting, stare deeply into each other’s eyes without talking for 4 minutes.

He experimented this with his subjects and found that many couples felt deeply attracted after the 34 minutes experiment. Two of his subjects later got married. You may try this and applicable only for single people and within Indian law!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, we would love to fall in love with your suggestions, views, like and lovely comments! Good day!

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