Student Of The Year (SOTY): An incident

Somethings do repeat in our life and past always lives with us whether we love or hate it. I am not going write any detailed review but would like to connect few points over here. I started appreciating the movie halls at many places as they play National Anthem. A sense to create patriotism, it was disappointed to see people seated during the National Anthem at a movie hall. A person had to actually come to awaken the sleeping people. I felt, we need to be patriotic and standing for the country is something still need to put into blood. As a trainer, I can probably train them on various skill sets, how do I train them for being patriotic? This small incident has made to think about an additional goal along with the training.

Lets move on with the movie, Karan Johar (KJ) knows how to explore their actors and he has done that again after fourteen years of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. It will definitely connect all those students studied at Convent or Missionary school. The house group, competition, attitude to excel, friends, emotions, parents and challenges. Go watch this one with your friends (School) and parents.

Amrita Foundation slaute all the people who gave us an independent country and made life a comfortable. We also wish KJ to give us more simple film like this, that always keep us connected.

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