Date with Student or Employee

I have been asked several times, whether I felt attracted towards a student(s) during training ‘Student attraction’, but to choose one of the most common. It is possible that an instructor (male or female) gets attracted towards a cute or beautiful woman or handsome man respectively. The beautiful women or handsome man might sometimes stays after class to make a comment. Don’t drive the discussion over coffee, and may ask her or him out.

I would say, as long as the person is a student, don’t. There is possible misinterpretation: no attraction from the student, looking for a mentor or guide, but not a date perhaps. It is possible that the person might feel uncomfortable or pressured if asked for a date. This can also upset other students, as it will spread in no time. It’s going to be challenging to go out for a date that you might grade in examination or provide recommendation letter someday. It is also possible that both of might fall in love at first sight, wait until the semester or course is over and the grades come out. If a student invites you to meet for lunch or dinner in her or his dormitory, you should decline gracefully, until and unless it’s an open space or public event with other teachers and students present. Avoid getting into situations that could prove awkward later. This is also true at work place for team heads or senior management.

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