My Loud-Mouth Student or Friend

It is fascinating to see that a student seated in the first few rows (sometimes in last row), has all answers for the questions (irrespective of right or wrong) for each question asked by a teacher. The student asks all possible complicated questions relevant or non-off the course. Whenever the student gets (some create opportunity) to answer the questions in length (may not relevant). Does it disrupt the class? Perhaps this happens among friends as well, a friend shows up with all answers to the topics or show case knowledge in any topic of talk.

As a teacher, it needs a cautious framing of sentences to tackle such conditions –

“I request you to not to call out soon; let’s us give a moment to other to think.”
“Shall we wait to finish the topic, to take up your question Tom?”
“I would like you to summarize all your points in less than 2 minute, so we get to hear other views, right?”

Generally students take these indications, and are expected to become valued contributors of the class. At same cases, I talk to the student in person to listen to the points. It’s always good to appreciate the class for their contribution and appeal them to participate. A message has to pass through to all the members of the class that all dominates not only one. By seeking help and cooperation this can achieved, by reminding the members if they forget that and begin the process again.

Amrita Foundation felt the need to make class-room a better to learn. If you have your points on making a class-room a better place to learn, send us your write up . Best write up will win a gift from Amrita Foundation and feature in our blog section. We wish you all a great learning!

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