My Silent Student

After going through series of situation in class room such as troubled student, dependent student, the loud student – here we conclude the series with the silent student.

It is always nice to have a quite class with students opening their mouth for need and pays attention to all the while. The silent student never volunteers in class isn’t any active problem, but deserves attention anyway. I have seen that these silent students have plenty to say, perhaps needs constant encouragement for awhile. As a teacher, I try to find some reasons to connect them through personal likes or language or association or remark on the approach and give them ample opportunity.

Some comments such as, “We would like to hear from the most silent students?” Sachin? Suresh? hmmm..Rohit?” It is healthy to keep call light than heavier. Based on their body language, then continue to invite them for future class-work.

We hope you enjoyed reading the series. We welcome your additional points to make a class-room a better place. You have a chance to win to a gift from Amrita Foundation for the previous article. God be with you!

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