The Dependent Student or Friend

Some of us like to have students or friends most of time around us, we are fine at seeking extensive personal advice or continuous questions. This might be true for many others, a teacher might feel someone is filling the office hours or pain in the neck. If that is the case, look into the problem and act.

1. It is possible that a student has chosen a course without minimum pre-requisites, perhaps its not a teacher job to supply personal tutoring. You can recommend right venue for extra tutoring or take up the course in near future or pick the easier one.
2. It is also possible that a student is weak in the subject, this is perhaps a extra responsibility of a teacher to help. A teacher might let know the student about the extra effort you are to add and recommend other readings.
3. Dependent students like to be taken care of or look for a shoulder to lean upon. This is perhaps not good for the student and a teacher need not always be the one for this. The more you allow them to be independent they more will be learn by doing it by self.
4. It is likely that a student might look for a friend or great companion in a teacher, possibly without realizing this explicitly. This can be good for a teacher know’s to balance, if not use subtle ways to show that personal attention is unwelcome. This can be businesslike, but to be done tactful.

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