Invisible Wall: Class-room Communication

Amrita Foundation brings a new series to address the challenges students face from a teacher communication in a class-room. All these articles are written to encourage and make a class room at better place of learning.

The number one challenge in a class room is the “Invisible Wall”, the teacher is at one end doing all that expected to do such as – writing, talking and explaining with minimal interaction with the student on the other side.

Being a student in past and with continuous interactions, I have heard the some interesting things from students –

We all sit in the class because the attendance is compulsory. Some teacher always stares down at the desk and looks at the board – does anyone has question? Then there is a unbearable silence – as if all of sudden the dance party music is shut. The teacher gets back to write on board, perhaps talk so low – need an amplifier to multiple the voice. Sometime can’t decided what’s important and what isn’t.

Sometimes (perhaps many a times) I am afraid to get up and ask because short tempered reaction for raising voice. My friends tend to nod head for everything and says ‘Yes’. As my friend do, I copy all the stuff dictated or from the board. I go back home to read them only because there is examination. The teacher might know the stuff, but if there is this ‘Invisible Wall’, we hardly get to know the teacher and subject.

We can concluded that, why to have lecturing in case it has to be without interaction. This would neither do good for a teacher nor for a student. It would be difficult to see if a teacher is making any difference to the students. If as a teacher, I would like to grow, a feedback from my student could be a key in the lock. It would do no good for you and your students who sat many hours and hardly had chance to express themselves, clarify, think in various other ways or try to resolve mutual problems.

We understand that achieving with your students isn’t that a cake walk. It is commonly seen, while a teacher is lecturing – if a Head of the Dept enters there is more silence and add extra complications if Principal enters (authority figure) all would just listen. Stay tuned to know, how to handle these situation tactfully and skillfully with some great suggestions on the way.

We hope you are enjoying these articles. We wish to hear from you. Good day! God be with you!


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