“Invisible Wall” to “Thinking Wall”

Here we bring you next section on the on-going series about challenging students face while lecturing from a teacher. It is seen at times, as soon as the teacher arrives to the class start asking “Any questions?” to the previous session (class). The dynamics of student learning need to be appreciated, as they move from one thinking to another in less than 2-5 minutes of each class hour. In middle of this change, they are also occupied with life’s problems or nothing at all. It is quite likely that they can’t even remember the current topic and its difficult to recall the past one.

As a teacher, these are the following suggestion may be used:

1. Allow the mental sap flow by giving them the overview of the previous section such as – formulas or equations or theory.
2. Let them review the cheat sheet or points.
3. Give them a problem set, give mistakes and ask them to check those mistakes.
4. Give about 5 minutes to work individual or in a small group. While they solve the problem, go around to check and try to scribe at the board to see some of them are unable to go ahead. This will being life to the class as everyone has just thought of the same topic and were able to solve them.

I leave you with a question to ponder over, does it easier for a teacher to ask and answer question? This may be much needed to do for a successful class room teaching.

We hope you are enjoying these topics. We always look forward to hear from you and thanks for the great responses to the previous articles. Good day! God be with you!


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