Peer Pressure – Dunce

Welcome back to the next section on the on-going series brought to you by Amrita Foundation. We did see that students find that there is an invisible wall and a teacher is expected to jump or break this wall to make the communication go stronger.

It is possible that as a teacher start to ask good questions, but get to see that students may be afraid to say anything that might make them look dunce in front of peers. We also get to see that students silently mouthing an answer, as they are afraid to say out loud. This is happened to most of us while we were studying during our school days.

To make the students overcome this problem, teacher need to make them feel comfortable – this might not happen right away. I recall a teacher in my seniors that, she was strict during our first year of interaction and she became a friend by the end. She used to be supportive to all our wrong answers or mistakes in problems and many on-responses. She would say,

“I see that you have got partial answer right, Sameer, but you have hit the bull eye.”

“Don’t worry about these kind of problems, Sachin, you will need to practice more.”

Perhaps these kind of responses will go a long way toward convincing them that itโ€™s all right to hazard an answer.

We hope you are enjoying these tit-bits of learning! We welcome your value added points to make the class-room a better place. Good day! God be with you!

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