We welcome you back to the next session on making the class room a better place for children to teachers.

When students ask question, for example Exercise 2, Problem No.2, Page 20 kind of question should be greeted with echolalia followed with clarification.

Students, Did you hear that? Shall I repeat it?
It’s an excellent question, Raj. Would please repeat it for the benefit of others?
Let me see if I am correct about your question, You would like to know … . …. Did I got it right?
Is anyone there, not clear with the question?

The intention behind this delay is good, this will ensure the teacher and students are in sync and understood the question. This also helps the teacher to get time to answer the question, this also might trigger various other possible answers or pointer from other students. If that could happen, it is health to have a debate.

We hope you are enjoying these small tit-bits, if so pass them to others. We wish you a great day! God be with you!

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