Marry Me: A Lie

I am taking a part of John Updike’s novel incident to discuss about Lie, Liar and Liability of Lie. The incident is, Ruth’s (wife of Jerry) telephone conversation with her lover (Dick) is over heard by her husband. If you look into the story, until this point she kept her affair secret never had to falsify, but confrontation by her husband, she had to falsify. Whenever we get caught in such kind of situation, we see that emotions become involved in a lie and emotions add to the burden that was kept a secret.

When her husband asks, “Who was that?” She panicked. ‘Oh somebody. Some woman from the Sunday school asking if we are going to enroll Joanna and Charlie.” I don’t say the panic state is of lying, but this can lead to suspicions. It is quite possible that Ruth wouldn’t panic if there is no secret affair. She being in a difficult position, not that she prepared her lie liner as she didn’t anticipate the need to hide. The state of emotions of panic was hard to hide, this can increase the chance of being caught. Does it mean innocent people when interrogated such emotions are commonly seen, are they liars too? Do interrogator conceal them?

Ruth is unlikely to succeed if she try hard to make herself look cool, unaffected or poker faced. It is quite common that when lips or hands tremble or voice drop or make a fist of fold hand – all lie still. As P Ekman describes that tightening and stretching lips, upper eye lids and brows are being pulled up in fear and it is hard to keep a still face. So the question is, how does someone hide these emotions?

Stay tuned to know more on the emotions and how one can hide them to during such situation.

We welcome your views on the case. We hope you enjoyed reading. Good day! God be with you always!

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One thought on “Marry Me: A Lie

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