Hide Lie: Mask

We continue with the previous article on Marry Me: Lie, the one of best way to hide these strong emotions during lying is with a mask. It is seen that a person tries to cover face (commonly seen while people are caught in legal situation) by a cloth or hand or turning away from the person, these can be a strong indicator of hidden agenda or a lie.

It is not easy to have false emotion and if one could do it, it can be a great misleads. A false emotion is a combination of face impassive or inactive hand movements while a strong feeling is felt. Normally people can’t remain unemotional, neutral or cool during strong emotion feelings. The use of mask helps to counter those strong feelings of emotions.

If we look into the story of Ruth (Updike’s novel: Marry Me), while Jerry tells his wife (Ruth) that, he doesn’t believe her. This situation would have increased the panic level in Ruth and this would make harder for Ruth to hide the emotions. Generally we employ anger, surprise or amused to mask such emotions. Do we have not argued with our parents or friends with angry over such situation? or Do we not felt surprised while we were asked ? It is difficult to mask such strong felt immediate situation of lie. I leave with a question, how does one hide emotions without need to falsify?

We hope you are enjoying reading this piece, we welcome your view and suggestions. Good day! God be with you always!

Image is taken from glamour.com via google image

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