A lot of Jaan ❤ in Jab Tak Hai Jaan!

Why Jab Tak Hai Jaan is likely to work?

I shall put my views based on Marketing Insights by Philip Kotler book.
1. Supplier: Yash Chopra’s has got right ‘Supplier’ such Anil Mehta, Cinematographer (National Film Award),Gulzar (National Film Award) and A. R.Rahman (Oscar Winner). Yashji knew that these suppliers will deliver promised quality level to its customers. Their presence will provide value adding advantage to the movie.
2. Target Market: Yashji movies never aimed at biggest market, but best definitely. JTHJ movie projection is for his repeated users rather than buyers.
3. Public Relations: Who else can be right person for Yash? Shahrukh Khan (SRK) himself a great public personality, it says all. To add to this, Yash Chopra himself reaching to audience on TV with SRK just has got it right.
4. Loyalty: Chopra’s family has given consistent quality and discriminate movies over 5 decades. This has ensured to have build loyal customers.
5. Image Marketing: Yash Chopra and few other directors understand the importance of image (location, sets and costumes) and emotional marketing (dialogues) to win customer mind share and heart share.
6. Word of Mouth: We all we get to know about the outcome of film in terms of hit runway in sometime, no ad or sales or public relations can convince as a viewers will put thumps up or down and this will persuade others.

It is a matured love story blossoms as movie progresses. All ingredient of Yash Chopra’s movie is seen, one would miss Kajol with SRK. The script could have tightened for half an hour. As a thinker, I would see that – its specially a movie for teenagers to understand some interesting thing about love, emotions and people. For people who fall in love say 23+ age will understand the importance of character sketched. The movie has shades of Veer Zaar and DDLJ at times. One need lot of patience to sit through first half and second half goes slightly better because of Anushka Sharma. A good performance by SRK, Anushka Sharma and wish Kajol was seen instead of Katrina Kaif. Never the less its a last movie of Yash Chopra and appreciate his work. Hence I would avoid to rate this movie.

Stay tuned to know more about it!

Image taken from Yashrajfilms.com

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