A Curious Case of My Girlfriend

girl friend1A friend of mine met Amrita Team few days with many complaints of his girl friend being low over interaction, shopaholic and low saving money. He got in touch with ‘Amrita Team’ after reading various articles about reading physical traits. After looking closely into the physical traits, we found that there are sign of low acquisitiveness, she will ask only the questions that give them a necessary information, and no more. People with this trait are likely to spend money easily and can be wasteful at times. If the nose if ski jump, it will lead more spending. We asked if she gets convinced very easily during shopping by the sales person, he did agree to it. My friend looked more worried. On on the positive side, they are very trusting person. This gave him more relief. So to all boys or men, check your girlfriends ears and nose before you let them loose on a shopping spree with your debit or credit card! You are warned in advance!

On follow-up with my friend, he disclosed that – he does all the shopping on behalf of her trying to explain the need and want for her and their future. Perhaps something seems to be working 🙂 ! Make life more easier by understanding yourself and your loved ones by understanding the physical traits.

Keep tuned to know about this ever-on-going Amrita Relay at ‘Reflection’.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day! God be with you always!

Image taken: samshinghub.com for representation only.


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