Always Listen to Your Heart

heartI was asked by a friend of mine, why do you take risk in life? Why don’t you be like most of people? As the way, I get up morning, get ready, go to work, argue with people on other’s problem (politics, sports, film etc), think of working in branded companies, family, salary end of month. I gave a paitience ear and was smiling all the time.

I took years (since childhood) days to discover myself, potential and believed that the world will be full of sunshine. I went to explain him, we all have amazing traits but they just haven’t been directed onto the right path. Only one need to learn through experience (a conscious effort) and good mentors, and people who were totally out of control do become the most incredible individuals you could ever imagine. Most of good people (includes offenders and criminals) have been helped to become successful in business, independent, leaving a untold (or told at times) life of bitterness behind and taking a great life which makes it complete with meaningful, happy, positive and constructive.

I have discovered my gifts such as helping people in career, conveying message through writing (and some are natural gift) and would like to use it rather than wasting time on pursuing something otherwise could be extremely difficult. As I always believe and say, ‘Life is hopeful and beautiful’.

I left him with a liner as SRK says-

“Zindagi mein kuch banna ho, Kuch hasil karna ho, Kuch jeetna ho, To hamesha apne dil ki suno, Aur ager dil se bhi koi jawaab na aaye … To apni aankhein band karke apni Maa aur Baba ka naam lo … Phir dekhna tum her manzil paa sakoge, Her mushkil aasan ho jayegi, Jeet tumhari hogi ….. Sirf tumhari..” Perhaps too philosophical rather 🙂 !

Keep tuned to know about this ever-on-going Amrita Relay at ‘Reflection’.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day! God be with you always!

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