Why most men don’t understand most women and vice-versa?

men and womenDid you feel in love or relationships or others that you find hard to understand others? If yes is your answer, then you may enjoy the further reading.

There are two kind of physical trait, one widely found in men and another in women.

Men: People with Esthetic physical trait feel through their senses and express through inwardly. Here the feelings that precede thoughts and indicates how much deep he is moved by feelings. If this trait is strong they tend to control the flow of feelings, to keep things in harmony and this in turn makes them to keep emotions inside to reduce conflicts. Who says men doesn’t get hurt ๐Ÿ˜‰ ? This trait is widely found in men than women. This explain why men suffer from longer depression?

Women: People with Dramatic physical trait translate internal emotions into active emotions outward. Women with this trait are expressive in their actions and speech. They are free with their movements and very expressive, which makes anything tasks interesting.

On the down side, because of this difference between these traits can have big impact on relationships.

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