Me First: Attitude

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shahrukh-khan-027Did you feel or see people being selfish? An attitude general seen as ‘Me First’, a self interest tends to predominate. I am sure, this is continued to be seen and we do this comparative buying while making friends, people at work and at relationships. This is one of an interesting trait ‘more head in front of the ears’ also known as ‘Forward Balance’.

People with trait look forward for present and future, recognition and doesn’t ponder over yesterday. The positive note is that they can be forgiver of past and quickly move on. If they are in business they are likely to push hard themselves and get very good results and can achieve success. They need to remember not to walk over others to get results.

For example, Shahrukh Khan possess this physical trait seem to know what he want and go out to get it, rather than just thinking and waiting for it. This is very positive. As we say that, ‘No trait is a bad trait.’

Do you possess this trait?

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