My Wife is a Flirt

flirtThis takes me back to my visit to Scotland, where my friend was quite insecure of girlfriend turned wife. He used to get upset and complained at times that his wife was a flirt. She possess a trait ‘Eye Magnetism’ that drew lots of attention of other or when they were out to socialize. I happen to talk to him few weeks ago and he continued to feel so. We at Amrita had researched on this view of my friend. We suggested him to talk to her about it and check if she open to wear a nice pair of trendy glasses for going out and it did the trick perhaps!

People with this physical trait will be more sympathetic and emotions toward others. Make life more easier by understanding yourself and your loved ones by understanding the physical traits.

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Rising Life – With ❤ from Amrita Foundation

Help MeSince childhood I have come across friends or employee’s or employer’s who suffered anxiety, the anxiety are due to the physical traits such as low tolerance, low confidence and sensitive. This will remain until and unless the child or employee or employer’s gains experience of doing it right. These all in turn will lead to insecurities over and over in their heads to the point, this makes them feel its beyond their capabilities.

The anxiety is coupled in case they have critical teacher or parents or peers and makes them feel that they are burden on earth. It is not to say that critical teachers, parents or peers criticize them, it can always be just a perception carried by individual child.

As a parent, friend, teacher or employee feel that you need to guide and modify the child or employee behavior by understanding their physical trait. At Amrita, we will help individual’s to ‘Rise in Life’ as believe that ‘Hope is Hopeful and Wonderful’. We look forward for you all to make this cause a meaningful.

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