Are your children safe?

drivingAmrita Foundation takes this step to making a life a safe by driving safe. This article is brought in interest of public information.

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We hear quite often accident (bus, car and so on) with disturbing statistics. If a school (or anyone) would like to hire a driver check one physical trait that some people showing suffer from extreme stress known as melancholy. Because of this trait, they are under extreme stress and this can become accident prone. In common circumstances they will become very emotional or unstable for a while. If such are the observations, they should be concerned to seek help to overcome the stress in their lives.

School authorities should decline the offer of allowing someone to drive your children in school bus or car or any other vehicle. It could be a risk involving accident that can cost lives. The solution is to find out what the real cause of the problem and then to take measures to rectify the problem.

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(Writer is the CEO of QtSTEAM ; Mentor QtPi Robotics & author of She: Ekla Cholo Re ; BUGman ; He Who Dreams)

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