Why I rejected Some Job Offers and People?

Job OfferIn the economy of getting a job and being in a job is its a difficult thing for many of us. I was asked a question about job rejections in the past and not continue to work with some people.

I did lot of reading, researched topics on this and found in physiognomy that, some people have extra chunk of nose that hangs down below the nose tip, between the nostrils often known as ‘Hanging Columella’. It is said that people with this trait have a talent that shapes your career- service motivates them. People with this trait are driven by service, not money or status. They have a strong instincts of calling to serve others. This is expected to motivate and shape the personal style while working.

I rejected offers and people to work with because as this trait says that particular kind of work must help people, really help them and in a way that matters. Many of the well known people such as Dr.Martin Luther King Jr, Leo Esaki, Odysseus Elytis and others these are strong examples of people that didn’t stick to their job a feeling (deep down) of not not helping others through their work. They didn’t stick to job whatever was offered in terms of money and status.

Do you posses such trait?

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day! God be with you always!

Image taken from bing.com just for illustration purposes

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