Are Entrepreneurs born?

Few weeks ago, I was asked ‘Do you think there are born entrepreneurs/salespeople/leaders/managers or do I believe that I can train everyone to do these jobs?

This did puzzle me for few seconds. I did hit the balance. It’s a bit of both really. Knowing theory and practice of technique is helpful but some people are better at implementing the learned and understood theory and others do seem to be naturally inclined to run an organisation. Having said this, its a lot more to it than mentioned. I certainly believe in saying, “You’re never too old to learn.”

I keep this open for others to put their views. What do you think?

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Perception – Vitamin B Complex

It takes me back to earlier days of my school, I often visited father at hospital while he was practicing. I did realize after many repeated visit, how important it is to win the perception to keep things in harmony. I recall an incident to substantiate this view, there a patient with severe hand pain. After examining father prescribed to apply an ointment and he mentioned some simple exercise to follow till it gets normal.

The patient didn’t look completely convinced, after a cursory look – father asked for the concern. The patient wanted some medicines (tablets) to be prescribed along with the ointment. I saw my father scribbling something on the sheet. I was puzzled by simply following the patient request.

He was done for the day, while on the way to home I asked him, why did you agree to the request of the patient? He smiled and said, I prescribed B-Complex tablet (chewing one’s) to win the perception. Health problems are also associated largely with psychological rather than just medicines at many a times. it doesn’t mean that doctor’s or health authorities are meant to follow this way, this is one of the approach based on the intensity of concern.

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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe doesn’t need an introduction, but I have an interest physical trait to discuss about her eye. Her down angled eyes says that, she was a major compassion awakener. She was good at problem solving and compassionate with others that most valued virtues. But there was a problem that this trait possess is – Pain, extreme emotional pain! It’s something like soul scorching! At times people with this trait will feel despair that the agony never will end. Perhaps success or fame didn’t bring all that expected fulfillment. For example, Marilyn Monroe developed this trait late in her career. Though rich and famous, she never lived happily ever after. Sometimes a life doesn’t go in right direction. One need to look for inner healing to make it Up.

Do you like to know your traits?

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Interviewing Cheat Sheet

Interviewing Cheat Sheet
1. Show up about ten minutes early, but no earlier than that.
2. Have 5 fresh copies of your resume on good quality paper.
3. Have an opening statement ready.
4. Be an active listener.
5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? “I don’t know exactly what position I’ll have, but I’d like to continue to learn and take on responsibility and ideally build a career with the same company.”
6. Strengths and Weaknesses
7. Ask follow up questions – “What will I be focusing on right away, what will be my initial priorities in the job?”
8. Never ask a question just for the sake of asking a question or to sound smart.
9. Close with a strong interest in the position offered.
10. Follow-up with a thank you note.

Do you like to know more about interview skills?

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Interviews are like Speed Dating

Impressing interviewer’s questions is the main skill and getting the job. Set of techniques are important during beginning of an interview while one is trying to get over nerves and the interviewer’s are forming their first impression. In other words I say it as, ‘Speed Dating’. The common phenomena during ‘Speed Dating’ is to make a quick eye contact and to decide whether or not interested in taking things further. Build this kind of quick rapport is important as there is hardly a choice of second impression. The key skill behind to make this rapport is ‘Mirroring’. Mirroring in body language is to be like other person subconsciously. It is something like dancing, where each postures go alike. For example, if the interviewer is upright so you be, crossed left leg you cross right leg and so on. If they ask long questions, give long answers. Cautious, Don’t mimic them!

In order to do so, you may learn to observe your friends or family during social events or anchoring at shows or things like that can really help.Try to avoid mirroring during the first in an interview. Just few practice and you are up for the game! We wish you a great success in ‘Speed dating’!

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Honesty Prevails

Some incidents live a greater impact, they at times solidify your belief. I got at the railway station, a porter came running to me and asked, ‘Sir please allow me to carry your baggage and pay me Rs.20’. I smiled at him and asked him to do so. I stood in a pre-paid counter to collect the token to take rick, in meanwhile I gave Rs.100 to the porter with expectation of porter to return change. He went in search of change, he looked disappeared. I sat in rick, the driver asked me – do you believe that person will come back? I smiled at him and said, the porter would not become rich by taking away Rs.80 and neither I will become poor by giving it away. I did see honesty in the porter and his eagerness in making living by working. The rick started, there came a voice yelling, ‘Sir, Sir… I’beg you pardon for delay.’ Next time you come to station, look for me – I will be at your service. My name is …., thank you Sir. I would prefer not to disclose the name because that will make us stereotype person to generalize things.

I felt a great way to start a morning, a lesson to take away for me was – ‘Honesty Prevails’ and as I say, ‘Hope is Hopeful and Wonderful’.

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Curiosity – 100th Post

It’s likely that we have come across people with high curiosity to know each or most of the topic of discussion. I widely observed these characters sketched very well in many soap serials on TV or a movie. We also perhaps have friend who is curious in nature. If they hear a part of story, it would be difficult to sleep until other side of story is heard. This is a common trait seen among people with slant forehead.

Do you like to know your traits?

We complete 100th article on page and more than 200 articles as pages. Thank you all for being the part of this journey!

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Love to be Sexy!

Love to be Sexy.001East or West, people would love to hear themselves sexy and one would need to know to present in artistic or use tone that don’t create trouble. As usage of the word ‘sexy’ is still forbidden in many cultures. I am not here to teach the style to express, here to only provide information on high sexual appetite from physignomy. These pointers may be applicable to people with the minimum acceptable age of each country. These are not scientifically proven but seen over trend among commonly. The following physical traits are indicators –

1. Big Mouth
2. Curly hairs
3. Baldness befor age 30
4. Pouting lips
5. Deer Eyes

They could more than this, but these commonly seen physical traits.

Do you like to know your traits?

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Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

complicatedI was baffled after seeing a status on Facebook profile and after talking to some people on this status found some interesting views. Some have this status to say that they had disappointments, unsure about the likes, try it once or once more and others!

Irrespective of the past events, people with lower eyelid if its highly curved, you may be pushover for love. High willingness to be with someone (even to a stranger), these people can be easily deceived. It also wondered me to connect the issues of a person persuading the other forcefully and consequence of such outrage.

People with this trait need to learn to slow down the pace, check the inner balance or carrying the old burden of disappointments. A quality time for healing is important to support your tender heart. By doing so it will help you to pace the relationship appropriately.

Do you posses such trait?

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