Love to be Sexy!

Love to be Sexy.001East or West, people would love to hear themselves sexy and one would need to know to present in artistic or use tone that don’t create trouble. As usage of the word ‘sexy’ is still forbidden in many cultures. I am not here to teach the style to express, here to only provide information on high sexual appetite from physignomy. These pointers may be applicable to people with the minimum acceptable age of each country. These are not scientifically proven but seen over trend among commonly. The following physical traits are indicators –

1. Big Mouth
2. Curly hairs
3. Baldness befor age 30
4. Pouting lips
5. Deer Eyes

They could more than this, but these commonly seen physical traits.

Do you like to know your traits?

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day! God be with you always!


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