Honesty Prevails

Some incidents live a greater impact, they at times solidify your belief. I got at the railway station, a porter came running to me and asked, ‘Sir please allow me to carry your baggage and pay me Rs.20’. I smiled at him and asked him to do so. I stood in a pre-paid counter to collect the token to take rick, in meanwhile I gave Rs.100 to the porter with expectation of porter to return change. He went in search of change, he looked disappeared. I sat in rick, the driver asked me – do you believe that person will come back? I smiled at him and said, the porter would not become rich by taking away Rs.80 and neither I will become poor by giving it away. I did see honesty in the porter and his eagerness in making living by working. The rick started, there came a voice yelling, ‘Sir, Sir… I’beg you pardon for delay.’ Next time you come to station, look for me – I will be at your service. My name is …., thank you Sir. I would prefer not to disclose the name because that will make us stereotype person to generalize things.

I felt a great way to start a morning, a lesson to take away for me was – ‘Honesty Prevails’ and as I say, ‘Hope is Hopeful and Wonderful’.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day! God be with you always!


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