Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe doesn’t need an introduction, but I have an interest physical trait to discuss about her eye. Her down angled eyes says that, she was a major compassion awakener. She was good at problem solving and compassionate with others that most valued virtues. But there was a problem that this trait possess is – Pain, extreme emotional pain! It’s something like soul scorching! At times people with this trait will feel despair that the agony never will end. Perhaps success or fame didn’t bring all that expected fulfillment. For example, Marilyn Monroe developed this trait late in her career. Though rich and famous, she never lived happily ever after. Sometimes a life doesn’t go in right direction. One need to look for inner healing to make it Up.

Do you like to know your traits?

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day! God be with you always!

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