Perception – Vitamin B Complex

It takes me back to earlier days of my school, I often visited father at hospital while he was practicing. I did realize after many repeated visit, how important it is to win the perception to keep things in harmony. I recall an incident to substantiate this view, there a patient with severe hand pain. After examining father prescribed to apply an ointment and he mentioned some simple exercise to follow till it gets normal.

The patient didn’t look completely convinced, after a cursory look – father asked for the concern. The patient wanted some medicines (tablets) to be prescribed along with the ointment. I saw my father scribbling something on the sheet. I was puzzled by simply following the patient request.

He was done for the day, while on the way to home I asked him, why did you agree to the request of the patient? He smiled and said, I prescribed B-Complex tablet (chewing one’s) to win the perception. Health problems are also associated largely with psychological rather than just medicines at many a times. it doesn’t mean that doctor’s or health authorities are meant to follow this way, this is one of the approach based on the intensity of concern.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good day! God be with you always!


6 thoughts on “Perception – Vitamin B Complex

  1. Perception lesson through prescription :):):)
    Complex thing is expressed with a simple example…
    Good One Sir … cheers!!!!!!!

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